Project Implementation and Management

  • Partnership committee and Annual meetings
  • Dissemination of results: National workshops to disseminate results, Dissemination to scientific community (papers, conferences)
  • Web-based project communications -Basecamp
  • Gender mainstreaming

Activities conducted - One-Health Talks

  • One Health talk conducted in the rural pastoral district of Uganda (Nakasongola)
  • Theme: Sustainable management of zoonotic disease and biothreats: What is the role of the communities in Uganda.
  • Event held on 30th October 2014
  • Targets: Schools, Civic leaders , Cattle traders, pastoral farmers.

Key areas covered under One-Health Talk

  • The role of women in Zoonotic diseases management in the pastoral ecosystems
  • Community awareness and engagement in Zoonotic disease management


Project Implementation and Management

Project Implementation and Management

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